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About Envy Models & Talent
Finding a way to enter the exciting and glamorous world of modeling, film, television and pageantry can be a daunting task. While you will find no shortage of friends, relatives, friends of friends and “so-called “local experts” who are anxious to provide you with their interpretation of your modeling or acting potential, few actually have the background, talent & industry contacts to not only assess your potential, but to put you in the position to audition for modeling & talent industry experts from all over the world. 

Suzi Hosfeld, Executive Director of Envy Pageant Productions & Envy Models & Talent formed her first company in 1984 for the expressed purpose of assisting new talent and fresh faces break into the professional modeling, acting and talent industries. We offer classes for guys and girls.

For over 37 years, Suzi has been at the forefront of the local, national and international modeling and talent industries. As a model, Suzi has appeared in hundreds of print advertisements, television commercials and fashion shows, both nationally and internationally. Suzi led her agency to the “Agency of the Year” award for 10 years and the “School of the Year” award for 12 years! And Suzi led her models and actors to more Overall Model & Talent of the Year awards than any training facility in Florida!

Quite a few of the faces you see on television, film and print got their start with Suzi. We offer classes for guys and gals ages 3 and up. Some of her stars include: MITCH HOLLEMAN-star of the WB’s REBA, the movie “Bubble Boy” and numerous TV commercials. AMANDA CLARK-signed to Elite Models. ISABELLE-signed to Marilyn Models in NY and Paris. Her eye for super pageant super stars include; Lees Garcia-Miss Florida US International and 1st runner up at the Miss US International pageant, Lorena Placencia-2011 Miss Florida US International and super star model, and countless others.

Now is the time to be prepared, to train and develop your skills as a model, actor or pageant star. 

ENVY MODELS & TALENT is your first step!
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